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Are you ready for growth?

"In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing and the next best thing is the wrong thing–the worst thing you can do is nothing". 

- Theodore Roosvelt -

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We're a team of experts with one mission:
help you and your business grow and succeed!


How can we help you:

Define and execute a revenue growth strategy

Design the right digital & innovation roadmap

Deal with daily operations & improve processes

Prepare the right tools to obtain additional funding

Set-up or expand your operations locally or internationally

Our Services


Discover Our Expertise

Does your company need our services?


With many years of experience, our experts will help you take your business to the next level. At nopanoga, we combine our insights, skills and experience to build the right growth strategy for your business: sell smarter not just more


We will evaluate your business in order to establish a Digital and Innovation strategy that will allow you to grow and succeed in a digital and competitive world. We will help you throughout all these steps: from the ideas to digital project implementation.


No matter what the reason is behind the need for capital, we will help you analyze the best funding strategy: partnership, private investor, venture capital, government aid, or financial loan. Our experts will help you prepare the documents needed and will assist you during the whole process.

We don't charge finding fees. 


If you haven't yet formalized your business ... don't worry, we can help. Our team will take care of all legal and tax requirements to make your business fully operational: incorporate the business, request all licenses and permits, find an office, recruit people, draft your employment contracts or preparing your accounting. A hassle-free process for you!


Our experts in management, growth strategy, operations, sales, marketing, legal, finance, human resources, and digital and innovation, will be at the founder's (or CEO) disposition for decision-making, counsel, meetings and analysis. ​We will roll up our sleeves and work as hard as any other member of your team. 

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