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Are you ready to open or expand your business in the USA

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doing work together


  • Analysis with a Specialized Adviser

  • Branch Office vs Affiliate vs New Company

  • Best Business Entity Proposal & Registration (State, IRS, Social Security ...)

  • Bank Account Opening Assistance

  • Scheduled Reporting to HQ, if required

  • Scheduled Reporting to authorities


  • Analysis with a Certified Specialist

  • Best Corporate Tax Structure Proposal

  • Best Internal Jurisdiction Proposal

  • Initial Required Forms Processing

  • Scheduled Reporting to HQ, if required

  • Scheduled Filing to authorities 


green papers


  • Support services in legal, payroll, accounting, finance, operations, ...​

  • Monthly fixed fee for a better cash flow management

  • Monthly reporting to US company and/or HQ


  • Experienced executives on demand

  • Expertise in strategy, business development, operations, sales & marketing, digital marketing

  • Your goals: get clients, validate product in the market 



  • Deck Translation & Adaptation

  • Capital Raising Strategy

  • Definition of Investors List (Angel, VC, ...)

  • Preparation of Meetings with Investors

* Nopanoga does not receive finder's fees


  • Analysis with Certified Int’l Property Specialist

  • Local Market Review with Location Options

  • Contract Management & Negotiations

  • Assistance with Financing

  • Commercial Office & Co-Working Space


  • Analysis with a Specialized Attorney

  • Legal Status Review

  • Best Immigration Path Proposal (investor visa, temporary work visa, residency, etc.)

  • Scheduled Filing to Governmental Agencies

Do you need our services?

Do you need help with your relocation?
We are specialized in Texas and Florida
Glass Buildings


Our GOAL is to offer a true comparison on the different costs of living among cities and countries


Our GOAL is to find the right house in the right neighborhood  … and if needed, in the right school district


Our GOAL is to find the right school in the right district to assure a smooth transition for your children


Our GOAL is to explain basic regulations in the destination city and state to assure a "soft landing"

Our GOAL is to assist in obtaining the right visa to work and live in the United States.


Our GOAL is to make sure that the control of your money is in the right hands as of Day 1



Our GOAL is to offer mobility around your new city as soon as possible


Our GOAL is to have everyone covered and protected as of Day 1.

home services

Our GOAL is to make sure everything works correctly around the house before moving in ... and after

Does your company need our services?

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cost of living

Moving to another country is an awesome experience, and a great professional and personal opportunity to grow. At the same time, it is important to maintain a similar standard of living. We will provide you with a comparison between your current city and the one you are moving to, so you can make any adjustments.

TIP: Not everything is comparable. For instance, sizes in Texas are much bigger!!!



Finding the right house, in the right neighborhood at the right price (and, if necessary, in the right school district) in a new city and country can be very stressful. Our experts will offer a "virtual" tour of the city's neighborhoods. Once in town, we'll show a pre-selected number of houses, help, and assist closing the deal. 

TIP: although most people in big cities lives in houses, apartment living in downtown is becoming very trendy



Finding the right school in the chosen neighborhood or not too far to avoid a long commute  … can also be stressful. We'll present alternatives prior to any trip (private vs public; small vs large; religious vs laic; …). Once in town, we'll show the pre-selected schools, and help with all the enrollment process.

TIP: There are many religious and non-denominational private schools, as well as great public schools.



Remember, being new in town, an out of state resident, or even a foreign resident cannot be an excuse not to abide the laws of your new city. Our  legal experts will guide you through the basic regulations affecting your daily life: taxes, driving, insurance, recycling, and many more.  

TIP: an open alcohol container is not allowed in the passenger's area of a car... only in the trunk



Do you need help with visas: working, investor, spouse and children? Our immigration lawyers can resolve all your questions,  clarify all your doubts, and walk you through the necessary process to obtain the right visas to work and live in the United States.

TIP: immigration laws in the United States are no stricter than in Europe 



When moving from abroad, opening a bank account can be challenging. Our experts will help with the process to have the account ready from Day 1. A good credit history is necessary for purchasing a house, a car, cable tv or even a cell phone. We'll provide you with the right strategy to start building your credit history.

TIP: all banks have apps today, but if you still like to go to the bank use the drive-thru lanes. No need to get out of the car!



Many big cities in the United States lack a proper public transportation system. Our experts will help with the process of renting or purchasing a car, getting the right insurance, or obtaining a driver's license. 

TIP: in most intersections, even with a red light, you can turn right after making a full stop (please, don't forget about pedestrians crossing!!!)



We're aware that the health cost in the United States is very expensive. Having the right  insurance is essential. Our experts can help identify the right coverage for everyone.  

TIP: pharmacies work a bit different than in many European countries. It is important to identify a pharmacy close to your home/ work so doctors can send your prescriptions.


home services

Simple things as electricity, water, insurance ... and most importantly ... cellular and wifi service ... suddenly become more complicated. We'll help setup everything so all those services are ready when moving into the new home. 

TIP: while prospecting in the United States, there are ways to be connected to home w/o spending a fortune in roaming charges.

Do you need our services?

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